5 Things You Need to Know About Placement Testing...Standardized Writing Tests

Due to minor technical difficulties while recording this webinar, the relevant content begins at the 1 minute and 28 seconds mark, so please fast forward to that point.

Featured presenters: Jim Wollack and Sonya Sedivy, UW-Madison/Tailwind Placement Exams
If you want to see if someone knows how to use a hammer, you give them a hammer; and if you want to see if someone knows how to write, you ask them to write. This argument is frequently used to justify the use of standardized writing tests over multiple-choice tests for assessing students' writing abilities and readiness for college-level writing classes. However, writing ability is never binary nor objective, and assessing writing is more complicated than it seems. Although standardized writing tests appear authentic, in fact, quite often these tests do a poor job measuring the types of writing skills we value in our writing classes. This webinar explores the five things you need to know about standardized writing exams and why multiple-choice exams are better options for course placement.