Tailwind Placement Exams is proud to announce that as of March 18, 2016, testing has gone live! New schools have been loaded into the Castle Worldwide publishing and delivery system and are being successfully administered. The technical manual is also available upon request.

The Tailwind Placement Exams were developed by the University of Wisconsin, one of the pre-eminent university systems in the nation and highly regarded in the placement exam field. Exams are offered in English, Math, Spanish, French, and German. These exams have a 40-year track record for validity and the exams are delivered by Castle, through the PASS™ system. PASS™ is considered by many in the testing industry to be the most reliable test engine anywhere.

Tailwind foreign language exams can be used in concert with your school’s current placement testing suite. Each test measures language mechanics and reading comprehension for the specified language and are validated for use with non-native speakers of the language. For all three exams, a separate score for language mechanics and for reading comprehension, as well as an overall score can be reported.

Tailwind offers robust placement exams and one of the most dependable test delivery systems in the industry. If you are looking for a replacement for Compass, or any other placement program, or require a reliable and robust foreign language placement program, please contact Patrick Flynn, Senior Consultant, Testing and Education at Tailwind Placement Exams at 919-657-6936 or pflynn@castleworldwide.com. You may also visit www.tailwindtesting.com for more information, or to order exams for your school.

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