Placement Exams

Combined Writing and Reading

Our English College Placement Exam combines writing mechanics and reading comprehension into one accurate and proven test. Scores on our exam correlate very strongly with independent ratings of student writing on class assignments and have a higher correlation than standardized writing tests. The data suggests our college English placement tests are the superior predictor of writing quality, while being much less expensive and much more efficient than standardized writing exams.

The English Placement Exam has approximately 100 multiple choice items measuring writing mechanics and reading comprehension. The exam is 90 minutes and results in a writing mechanics, reading comprehension, and composite score. The English test has a reliability coefficient above 0.90. Subscale reliabilities are at or above 0.85. Our English proficiency test includes placement test practice.


Our comprehensive college math placement test accurately assesses and places students based on their understanding of math fundamentals, algebra, trigonometry, and analytical geometry. Students enrolled in the course recommended by our mathematics test earn an average half a grade point higher than students enrolled in a course above the recommended placement. Correctly enrolled students drop less frequently, continue in the discipline longer, and report higher course satisfaction.

Our one college math test includes 85 items with three separate scores for each area of emphasis, compared to multiple tests needed for placement through other programs. This single exam provides your department with all the information needed to accurately place students into courses ranging from remedial math to calculus. Students have 90 minutes to complete the math test and may use the non-graphing calculator built into our online system. This exam has a reliability above 0.85 and includes placement test practice.

Exam Snapshot

90 minutes

World Language

Our Foreign Language tests are proven to place students in the correct course and validated for use with non-native speakers of the language. Students enrolled in courses recommended by our foreign language exams earn an average half a grade point higher than students enrolled above the recommended placement.

We offer French, German, and Spanish language exams measuring language mechanics and reading comprehension. Students have 60 minutes to complete the 50-60 items on the test. Each test provides a score for language mechanics, reading comprehension, and an overall composite score. Composite score reliability coefficients for all three exams are above 0.90. Placement test practice available for all three languages.

French Exam Snapshot

60 minutes

German Exam Snapshot

60 minutes

Spanish Exam Snapshot

60 minutes