The number one resource for student placement exams.

A national partnership between the University of Wisconsin System and Castle Worldwide delivering research-proven college placement tests with the industry’s most reliable test engine.

Tailwind Advantages

Reliable and Trusted

Faculty in the University of Wisconsin System, one of the nation’s most highly regarded university systems, develop our research-proven exams.

Comprehensive and Convenient

Combined Reading & Writing, Mathematics, and World Languages exams each provides multiple scores and is sufficiently broad in scope as to allow us to accurately place a very high percentage of students into a wide range of courses, while remaining cost-effective

Proven Success

Students enrolled in courses based on the Tailwind placement test scores average half a grade point higher and drop classes less frequently, accelerating their path to their degree.

Placement Exams

Combined Writing and Reading

Designed to measure the building blocks of English communication, this exam has been proven to measure actual college writing better than do standardized writing tests.  Test places students into all introductory-level writing/reading courses.


A comprehensive, stage adaptive, placement test evaluates students’ knowledge of essential math skills, college math fundamentals, advanced algebra, and trigonometry and analytic geometry. Test places students into courses ranging from developmental math through first semester Calculus.

World Language

Placement exams in French, German, and Spanish measure language mechanics and reading comprehension. Test places students into all courses in the introductory language sequence (prior to the first literature course).

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